Wide Angle

I’ve had my eye on a number of pricey lens for my nikon, but that’s just not where I’d like to put my hard earned dollars right now. However a few months ago I realized that I could have some fun without shelling out the big bucks by simply using filters, or lens that attach like a filter. You can imagine my excitement when my $16 dollar wide angle lens with macro arrived in the mail (bought it off amazon- brand is Vivitar). No this is by no means the best wide angle. You get what you pay for and at $16 it is simply something to enjoy, have fun with, play around and accept the lower quality that a lens that costs hundreds of dollars and enjoy it for what it is. Well I’ve really been enjoying it! I love the blackening at the edges, the warping etc.  Here are a couple of my shots from an evening walk in the community pea patch just a few blocks from our house. (PS. I shoot with a nikon D40- and all of these are straight off my camera, no editing, no color touch up, nothing.)

I love the pea patch. I discovered it a few weeks after we moved in. Often when our son was little I would put him in the ergo and go for a walk through the garden at nap time. It has a peaceful feel while being surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the city. Plus there is almost always someone there tinkering in their patch to chat with, or ask gardening questions of.