Using textures in Photoshop

It was about a year ago that I had one of those rare evenings when I had some time and some energy that I could devote to learning something new. I decided to play around with overlaying textures on my pictures to create different effects. Know what? I loved the effect and it is so super easy! You can use anything as a texture. A picture you have shot, a picture you grabbed off the internet for free or even paid for. Google it and you will find plenty of options and set by step instructions. (I don’t have time to lay it out for you with screen shots etc.) But in a nut shell what you do is open your photo in photoshop, open your texture photo. Put your texture photo on top of your photo then simply decrease the opacity of your texture photo until you like what you see. You can play with your levels on your photo and texture too to get your desired look. Here is a picture I did from a trip to Hawaii. 

and here is the texture I used on all the photo examples