Chalkboard Writing

Chalk board writing seems all the rage from scrap booking, to photo shoots and I even noticed it on the Christmas card design I’m thinking of using this year. Feeling inspired by it I think I will use it as my theme for my December Daily Album. If you haven’t heard of December Daily check out Ali Edwards website for more details. I’ve done it for the last two years and loved it. At first I was worried that it was just one more thing to do during the holidays especially last year as I was wrapped in grief over loosing our daughter. But the opposite was true for me. During the busy holiday season I found that I enjoyed the 20 minutes of solitude each night and last year it helped me to focus on the blessings I still had not what I didn’t have, and for anyone who has ever lost a loved one that is HUGE.

My first year I ordered round circle numbers from banana fish studio and loved how the consistent numbers on each page made everything come together. Last year my book was much more all over the place and that is just fine for where I was coming from but this year I want it to be different.

I’ve been looking around the web a bit for some inspiration and tutorials, here are a couple I’ve found: