One man’s junk….

Last night I got together with my girl friends. We all met in a moms group when our firsts were newborns and have remained friends and gotten together for coffee and a walk every Friday for the last five years. Last night we had a moms night and I came home happy and refreshed. Nothing like hanging with a bunch of friends who have known you at your lowest point and still love you.

Last night we did what is becoming an annual tradition we traded our junk. I know you have it hiding in the backs of your closet. It’s those items that you don’t use, or that someone gave you as a gift it’s perfectly fine and wonderful but just not your style. Well we had plenty of it there last night. We all brought what we had set it out and then everyone shopped everyone else’s treasures. You know what? One man’s junk is really another man’s treasures. I got two super cute for my grandma aprons that one of my friends mom gave her, but she HATES aprons. New with tags, my grandma will be thrilled to find this in her stocking. Another friends was getting rid of some coco chanel body lotion which just so happened to be on my sisters birthday list. Ok that’s not totally true she had the perfume on her list but at the price of free I snagged it up and figured it was going to be close enough to be enjoyed. There were pieces of jewelery, soaps, scarves, nick knack and some funny gag gifts including a boxed DVD set of women’s wrestling and a set of pens with funny company names on them to stick in your office desk. I know I feel lighter having gotten rid of all those extra items in my closet and that a few of my friends ended up with exciting new items for themselves or to gift for their family members all for nothing.

So clean out your closets and start trading!