Craft Hope Project 19

Okay get ready, Craft Hope just announced the next project….. handmade soft animals/dolls etc for children who have suffered through hurricane Sandy. I know for our family the holidays are such a busy time but I am going to try and participate in this project. I had such a wonderful time working on the quilt donation this summer that I will find the time to make a soft animal to send. My mom made me a bunny when I was I think 5 or 6 and I still have it! I slept with “Rose” for many years, she even went to college with me. Shhhh don’t tell.

Here is the information if you are interested. Plus I know I have pinned a few soft animal ideas on my pinterest boards. (here: and here:

In the spirit of the holiday season and of Craft Hope, I am excited to announce Project 19 :: Dolls, Animals, and Monsters. Oh My!


Hurricane Sandy unrelentlessly ravaged the northeastern United States coast. Claiming lives, homes, and HOPE. Most of us helplessly watched the news. I, personally, have many many friends in that area of the country and my sister lives in New York City. I kept contact with her until her power went out and then stayed out for days on end. That feeling of helplessness consumed many of us. In the spirit of spreading HOPE, I am proud to announce that our newest project will benefit those who lost the most.


So for Project 19, we will be collecting handmade softies — dolls, animals, sock monkeys, monsters, you name it — for kids who live in the northeastern United States who experienced this devastation.


There aren’t too many requirements for this one. Just make sure they are handmade and be creative! I envision piles of little monsters, robots, dolls, and monkeys. This is also a great project to get kids involved with this holiday season.


The deadline will be January 10 and of course the deadline is flexible. Each and every donation will be delivered to a child who needs them most.


Go on, gather your groups and your friends and start stitching little eyeballs and ears. Of course, for those of you who knit/crochet your creations are welcome as well!


We have two collection locations for now. Two amazing friends that have stepped up and offered up their doorsteps to collect all of the donations. You can mail to either location as they will be delivered all around the north east.


You can mail them to:

Jessie Rayot

43 Race St.

Nutley, NJ 07110


Katrina Kerr

20 Premier Dr.

Londonberry, NH 03053


Please RSVP to this event to let us know that you will be participating. Also, please post photos of your creations on our facebook page.