Valentines Day

I know… I know….. we just had Christmas and New Years! As much as I HATE the stores rushing the next holiday I have to say that Valentines day is one of my favorite holidays. I loved it as a child and still love it as an adult.  When I was pregnant with our son we had our first visit to my doctor on valentines day and got to hear his heart beating for the first time. Can’t hardly beat that valentines day gift!

I do however have a strange double standard. I loved going to the store and picking out my valentines when I was a kid. But I don’t do that with my son. We make our valentines. Oh maybe someday he will want the popular characters on his valentines but for now we are sticking with home made. It’s such a fun activity and I believe my son gets way more out of the passing out of valentines when he’s made them than just purchased them from a store. Last year we did some print making.IMG_3655

I think what’s really gotten me in the mood this year is valentines are starting to pop up on pinterest and lets face it when you are a busy family and you are going to make enough valentines for an entire class you need to plan ahead a little to make sure you have time and supplies.


il_570xN.306219975 Dig you!

Not sure what we will pick for this years card I’ll have to see what else pops up on pinterest before we decide! But I do have some left over puzzle pieces from our snowflake ornaments so I know for sure Daddy is getting one of these!

Feb7 002