Father’s Day

Fathers Day is coming and I’ve been wracking my brains to come up with a cute gift that my son can make for my hubby. He’s a really practical guy and doesn’t like/need/want a ton of stuff. He loves going to hotels because there is nothing in the rooms. Me I like a bit more stuff. Okay a lot more stuff around me. We compliment each other we are ying and yang.

A couple years ago I took a picture of our son in profile and transfered the outline onto contact paper. Then I cut it out and stuck it on a piece of paper. I had our son finger paint over the paper. Once the paint had dried I took off the contact paper (this step is key to do right away). What I was left with was a negative picture of our sons profile it was super cute (and if all our pictures were not packed away during the remodel I’d snap a shot for you!) Well time to cruise through Pinterest and see what I come up with as a gift for this year.

From me he’s getting a honey pot and stir stick for his morning herbal tea. He’s asked for one and I was surprised at how hard they are to find. Not that I’ve looked overly hard. But I did try Bed Bath and Beyond you would have thought they would have had it, and I stopped in a kitchen shop to see if they had any. Must be old fashioned. Luckily Etsy once again did not let me down.