The stuff we have

This week I went and helped a friend tag stuff for an estate sale after her mother in law passed away. Her mother in law was an amazing woman, the type you would love to have as your mother in law. She was kind, caring, funny, creative and a collector. She had great taste. Her home was filled with beautiful unique pieces of furniture and decorative nick knacks. But that was just it. She was a collector and her house was FULL. Last night as I helped my friend tag the last of the items before the preview sale I think I counted 6 full sets of china some for 20 guests! All beautiful but 6 full sets and that was what was left after her children and close friends had taken what they wanted.

I left their home having looked through tons of very cool items a little sad. Each of those items held special meaning when she bought them, she loved them for their beauty and the joy they brought to her. But seeing the burden that it left on her family after she passed it made me think about the stuff we have. Now I am certainly no where near the end of my life (I hope) but it reminded me that we should surround ourselves by the things that we love and hold meaning for us, but to also let go of that which we don’t need. It’s a burden to care for the items, sort, clean, organize and eventually dispose of that less is really more, especially when you near the end of your life.