Creativity Bursts

It seems like no matter what the task is I often tackle it in bursts. Focused time where I bust through a task without distractions. This works well for me no matter if it is house work, accounting or crafting. Gardening, home improvement etc. It comes down to time on task. What it means is that sometimes a specific task can wait a long time while I am working on other tasks before I get back to it.

My Etsy shop is a perfect example. I haven’t added anything new in a while. Now that is not to say I haven’t been creating, in fact I’ve made quite a few new games etc. and have been testing them on my son but I haven’t updated and posted them. Making the game is really only half of it. Finishing a copy to the standards I set for myself for sale items, photographing and actually posting them can take a while. My son often gets a game when it is hot off the printer….meaning no laminating etc. He doesn’t mind and it allows me to make changes as I play through them with him and ultimately make sure I have a good product before I post them for sale.

However, my hubby and son are off for a weekend of camping and while I should be address the SUPER long list of to do’s I have on my desk I find that I have had a creativity burst. I’ve made three new games this afternoon  (still need to photograph and post) and have posted a few that were complete a few weeks ago. Yeah for new games in my shop! A few of the ones I’ve made this afternoon I’m going to keep for our son for surprises in his advent calendar. I know Christmas is still a long ways off but really when you are making many of your gifts you have to start early especially for an advent calendar that needs to be ready December 1.

So mosey on over to my Etsy shop and see what is new and I promise I will try and get all the other great creations that are bursting out this afternoon photographed and listed this week so keep looking back!

DSC_2133 DSC_2127 DSC_2122 DSC_2118