Callie’s Coffee

This came across my hubby’s email from a recently retired colleague. I love the idea of supporting a great cause with money and products you are already planning to spend/use/buy.

Dear Friends,
As many of you know, last year, my oldest grandchild’s family launched Callie’s Coffee as a philanthropic effort to support the pediatric cancer research performed at the Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research.
I now have some pretty exciting news to share with you about that pediatric cancer research, Callie’s Coffee’s stepped up effort to support it and what you can do to make a difference.
Success!  This past July, the Ben Towne Center conducted the first clinical trial of its pioneering reprogrammed T cell protocol to astonishing success.  The treated near-death patient received a reinjection of her modified T cells, and seven days later, walked out of the hospital in full remission and without any compromising side effects.  This is a truly an astounding result that offers great hope for a protocol equally applicable to children and adults.  But, unfortunately, one success does not mean cancer has been beaten.  It is just the start of a long and intense journey toward perfecting a methodology for curing cancer without inflicting the often horribly harmful side effects of the massive radiation and chemotherapy treatments we currently use.
Callie’s Mission.  To help hasten that journey and accelerate the time when this protocol will be universally available, Callie’s family has decided to go “all in” by devoting themselves full-time toward fulfilling the mission of making Callie’s Coffee a significant, dependable and sustaining financial supporter of the Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research.
As an initial step, Callie’s Coffee has rebranded itself simply as “Callie’s” and has launched a drive to enlist members in its “Callie’s Circle” coffee subscription club.  This first membership drive will begin September 19, will end October 15 and has as its goal the enrollment of 1,000 members.  The achievement of this goal will enable Callie’s to donate $10,000/month to the Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research on a perpetual basis. 
A dependable stream of money in this amount would, among other things, fund four additional cancer treatments a year.  More members would mean increased support of pediatric cancer research and a quicker, more widely offered and safely effective cancer treatment procedure for your children, grandchildren and even you.  And so the drive will start with 1,000 memberships but will not end until a cure is found.
For you, joining Callie’s Circle will have a twofold benefit. 
  • First, the number of bags of rich premium organic and free traded coffee you order will be delivered “automatically” to your doorstep.  Thus, if you enjoy premium coffee, buying Callie’s will be convenient, cost competitive and equal in amount to money you otherwise would spend for coffee.
  • Second, and more importantly, joining Callie’s Circle will provide sustained and dependable support of pediatric cancer research in recurring amounts that will make a difference.  This you can accomplish simply by joining Callie’s Circle and subscribing for the normal amount of coffee you consume.  So by being a Callie’s Circle Member, you will get a “two fer”-monthly deliveries of great coffee while contributing to promising pediatric cancer research.
My Ask.  The only way Callie’s can make a real difference in helping fund pediatric cancer research will be to contribute significant amounts of money on a sustained and dependable basis.  Selling bags of coffee on an occasional basis offered sporadic and limited support, which while appreciated, has not been enough to help propel the Ben Towne Center’s efforts to the level it needs to achieve full blown clinical trials and treatment.  Therefore, I would ask you simply to buy the coffee you otherwise would consume by joining Callie’s Circle and subscribing for the monthly bags of coffee you will need.  The process for doing so is very easy, just go to, join Callie’s Circle and order your coffee.  Then sit back, enjoy the coffee and know you have made a difference.
Thank you in advance.  I will keep you posted on the progress and success of Callie’s Circle membership drive.
Best to you.