Modern Art for Momma Art Time

Modern art is not my thing at all. I honestly just don’t get it. I love impressionists Degas, Monet, folk art, kid art….. but modern art is simply not my jam.


My hubby on the other hand really likes it. Many, many, many years ago, long before we had our children, we took a trip to the city of love ~ Paris. It was magical. Partly it was being newly in love, it was my first trip to Europe, and it was the museums/art. I could wax on all day about the museums in Paris, but I will leave that up to travel blogs and books.


While we were there, we went to the Pompidu Center -the museum of modern art. My husband loved it, and I had my first real taste of modern art.


You might be wondering why would I choose modern art as our next art unit with my lack luster love of modern art? Well as I’ve gotten older my tastes have changed. Take mushrooms for example. Hated them as a kid and into my 20’s. Then I hit my 30’s and boom, I LOVE mushrooms now. Go figure. I felt like maybe I needed to give modern art another chance and see if my tastes had changed. Nope. Still not my favorite but learning about the artists was interesting and creating our own pieces of art in their styles was fun. Jackson Pollock day was one of my favorites! It was of course one of the messiest too! I also felt like just because I didn’t love modern art, didn’t mean that I couldn’t ignore it as part of my kids’ education. So, we dove in, as always feet first! We started with the few artists I was familiar with and moved on from there. With libraries still closed we made do with YouTube videos and virtual visits to art galleries and museums. Here are our works of modern art.