Our Son’s birthday is coming up in just a few short weeks and I am beginning to plan for his party. For the last two years we have been invited to a friends farm where the kids got to play in the dirt, ride the horses, drive the tractor etc. What I loved about our parties there was they were fun for everyone. The moms and dads had just as much fun as the kids. We had one mom who hadn’t ridden since she was a child and the delight on her face at riding again was priceless. Our friend who was so generous to offer her home and space for all these city kids to come out and play has recently passed away of cancer. Her passing has been a huge loss to the many people she loved and whose lives she touched with the kindness and generosity.

And so this year we must do something else but the question is what? I’m curious what other people remember about their birthday parties as a child? What was your favorite party and why?

My mom created many wonderful parties for both my sister and I. I remember one year fishing off the back of the couch for fish as you would at a carnival. One year we rented the pool as a joint party for my sister and I and my mom made 5 or 6 round cakes that she made to look like balloons. I remember going ice-skating and making bandannas with plastic beads decorating them. I always had a great time!

I’ve been searching pinterest for party ideas looking for the perfect idea. So far it is eluding me. My best two ideas thus far are reserving a group camping site and having a camping birthday since our son is totally into camping this year, or having a celebration at the park and going to open swim at the outdoor pool here near our home. I love the idea of camping out with friends but worry about the weather and if anyone else is willing to make that happen. Our son loves to swim and there is a great water slide at the pool but we go there so often it feel a little ho hum…Our son doesn’t have an opinion on what we should do other than it be FUN!

Maybe after some more looks around pinterest I’ll be more inspired. Here are some of my favorite pins- feel free to check out my other boards under Amanda Van Dyck