Millionaire Club

Today we received a very large load of lumber for our basement project. Unfortunately the lumber yard was only able to drop it in the street and not on the parking strip or lawn because of the placement of our neighbors water meter. This posed a bit of a problem. Hubby and our son are off camping this weekend and many of the pieces were way too big or heavy for me to schlep into our basement single handedly.

Fear not I am a resourceful woman and I simply called up the Millionaire Club here in Seattle. If you have never heard of them they are a charity that helps homeless men and women find day labor. We’ve used them on an off for a number of manual labor jobs and we have only had excellent experiences. Lawrence arrived promptly at 11 on my door step and worked his tail off for the next three hours helping me get all that lumber into the basement and get the space prepped for the framers on Monday. If you are ever looking for some super hard working helpers I’d recommend checking them out.