Paper Coterie

I first discovered Paper Coterie about a year ago Ali Edwards had posted about their memory keeper boxes she had made for each of her kids.

The scrapbooker in me loved them! I keep everything; ticket stubs, programs, report cards, participation ribbons etc etc. I’ve been struggling to figure out what to do with all of these things. Before having kids there was less of it that I felt I needed to save and I had more time to actually scrapbook so much of it is  in albums. But for any of you with young children you can relate to lack of time in your life for hobbies. I have tried various methods, including binders, boxes, and a giant pile in my craft closet. When Ali Edwards posted the link to these memory keepers boxes I knew I had found my solution. I ordered one and fell in love. The memory keeper boxes are absolutely lovely.

I have since made one for each year of our sons life and have begun sorting all the things I’ve saved by year. One thing that I am finding is that they are great for the things that I would never put in an album because of the items size/shape. The boxes are acid free so I feel confident in saving my items.

I also made one for our daughter after she passed away and it has been a great place to put memory items for her.

Check them out if you too are looking for a memory keeper solution.