Unconventional Toys

Our son has his fair share of toys, sometimes I think more than his fair share. He gets spoiled by his grandparents, great-grandparents and all his loving aunties. My husband and I rarely buy him toys. When we do it is often gear- new bike, scooter, ski gear etc. Or educational toys and books. We try and spend our dollars on experiences such as going to the symphony, science center or the aquarium or classes.  Despite all the conventional toys he has, trains, blocks, legos etc. Our sons favorite toys are often unconventional things he has found and claimed as his own. For example scrap pieces of 1/2″ pvc pipes and connectors. He will play forever with these creating water lines or sewer lines that go around his room and provide water to the houses in his city. Or he takes them into the bath tub where he hooks them up to the faucet and creates fountains. He has also figured out that he can hook up some old sink supply lines and a sink hose to the faucet and make them spray. In our backyard he found a 5′ long board and hung it off the edge of a giant dirt pile with bags of sand on the other end to make his very own diving board. I am absolutely thrilled that he can use his imagination to build and create I think that skill will serve him well as he grows.