Kindness of Strangers

It’s funny when you loose a child how others treat you, or react when they hear of your loss. Most don’t know what to say. Most people say how sorry they are but don’t know what to do with the information. Some, usually those who have lost someone close to them are better at offering support. It is often nothing big, usually something quite simple. Checking in, or asking how you are doing. It’s sending a batch of cookies or a chocolate treat. Or remembering that your child would have been 11 months and just letting you know that they are thinking of you. It’s asking about them after saying how sorry they are for your loss. Giving you the opportunity to tell about your special child, tell their story, or share what they looked like. Because your child is invisible to the rest of the world, no stroller you push around, no car seat or diaper bag that you lug you never have the opportunity to be asked about your sweet baby.

Our neighbor’s kids are in town and we were invited to a BBQ to meet them. Tonight I met one of those people who knows how to ask and be kind. As hard as it was to tell him about my little girl, it was so nice. Karl and I started chatting at the end of the evening. We started out by connecting over our etsy shops. He is at, he’s got some cool stuff check him out if you have a moment.  The thing was it felt like he genuinely wanted to know about her, to hear about her, to know her story. He wasn’t put off by my tears, didn’t push his own thoughts or beliefs on me, he simply asked about her and let me talk. You never know when you will find someone who touches you with their kindness, but when I do I always feel appreciative, and have a renewed belief in the kindness of strangers. Thank you Karl for I am sure that you had no idea how nice it was to be asked about my daughter.