I can freely admit I like my ruts. They are well worn and comfortable. Now this doesn’t mean that I don’t like to try new things. I love trying new things, but once I find something good I just keep going back for more. It’s hard to branch out when you love what you already have. The perfect example for me is eating out. We don’t eat out much, we love to but since having our son eating out is not the same experience it once was. It’s just not very relaxing to have him out at a restaurant. So when we do go out to our favorite restaurants I almost always order the same thing. When we go to Yannis Greek Restaurant up in Greenwood the waitress doesn’t even bother bringing us menus anymore because for the last oh….7 years we pretty much order the same thing. It’s a rut isn’t it? Yeah I know but I love the platter that I get there and since we only go a couple times each year I look forward to it, and hate to risk the idea that an alternative might be worse. I freely admit that it might be better but why ruin a good thing?

Well the same goes for toothpaste. Tom’s of Maine mint has been our toothpaste of choice for….well a very long time now. A couple of weeks ago my son and I grabbed another tube at Bartells while we were getting some other drugstore things. I opened it up only to realize it was cinnamon. Cinnamon! A flavor I would NEVER have chosen. My husband tried it and hated it! Me being the frugal person that I am stated that I wasn’t going to just throw it out, I’d use it. You know the funny thing? I like it. It’s grown on me so much over the last few weeks that I think I’ll stick with it. Hubby had to get a tube of mint, but me I’m totally digging the cinnamon toothpaste. Is it the change that I’m liking? The actual flavor? I can’t quite figure it out. I figured maybe I’m ready for some new spice to my life and I just didn’t realize it. So last night when we went out to a favorite Mexican restaurant to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary while our little guy stayed with Grandma I didn’t order my usual. I tried something new. The verdict? Just as tasty as my favorite and a nice change. I think I’ll be on the lookout over the new few weeks for some opportunities to try something new!