Into the Woods

I’m busy getting our family ready to head into the woods and away from home responsibilities, works and of course the internet. Time to unplug.

Man is it ever alot of work to pull all our camping gear together. We love to camp and go often in the summer, usually every other weekend. I have my boxes of our regular items packed and ready to go with our dishes, tent, tarps etc etc.  I keep a camping packing list and meal plan on my computer and often use the same meals/shopping list to cut down on the time it takes. However it is the food that I find takes the most work. Shopping for it, prepping it- pre washing fruits and vegi’s measuring out and so on that takes the most time. Even so from the time we decide to go to the time the car is packed it takes me a total of about 5 hours to gets us all ready.

For this trip I was feeling like I wanted to expand my horizons on the cooking front and started looking to Pinterest and Google for some new camp meals.

I am most interested in trying some camp meals cooked in foil and a few of the baked/protein granola bar recipes that I can make ahead and have ready to grab and go.

If you have a favorite meal please comment and share, and since I’ll be off in the woods it will be a few days until you hear from me again!