Meal Planning

I’ve been pinning like crazy to my food board on pinterest the last few weeks because I am simply sick of all the meals we have on a regular basis. I want to spice our meals up and try something new. I also want to find a new way to keep track of recipes and have decided to try and board similar to what is found here

I really like the idea of meal cards that list what it is, the recipe and a shopping list. This is on my list of to do’s for this weekend. Take our families favorite recipes that we want to keep in rotation and make a meal board. I am also going to print off a bunch of new recipes and try them out. If our family likes them I’ll add them to the board, if not we will move on to the next one. If I have time and feel really ambitious I will also tackle the pile of torn out recipes that I have collected over the years and either try them or toss them.

Does your family have a favorite meal? share it in the comments section and our family will give it a try!