Marking the Years

There were certain things my mom did each year that marked the years for my sister and I. For example she has a growth stick showing how much we grew each year. On the first day of school she would always take our pictures etc.

There are so many great ways to memory keep. My “scrappy” board on pinterest is quickly filling up with some cool ideas that I already do or want to try. Here are a few things I do to mark the year for our son and links to similar things others are doing:

~Growth stick mine is a plain only growth stick that I made for our son but this is another super cute idea

~First/Last Day of school pics (and I could add this to it

~Take his picture on the 7th of each month and have them professionally taken every year on his birthday and 1/2 birthday love how the added text to the pictures or


~Interview with the same questions I started this when he was three

~I found this hallmark recording book where you can write and put pictures and record a 15 second clip

~various photograph albums for birthdays trips etc.

~Letter to my son each month until he was two then yearly

And here are a few things I have found and want to do!

-School year book –

~Photo story same shot different places

I am sure I missed some and what is not listed is that I save everything from ticket stubs, locks of hair from hair cuts, I make plaster hand and foot prints etc and keep them in a memory keeper box for each year. Clearly I have an obsession! What are some of your favorite ways to memory keep?