Reusable “Paper Towels”

I have a love hate relationship with paper towels. Love how handy they can be, hate how bad for the earth they are. Hubby wakes up early and will often chill out in bed and eat his breakfast, usually a bagel and a hard boiled egg on a paper towel. He often also has a late night snack before bed, PB on toast with cheese and a glass of milk on a paper towel. Two paper towels a day minimum from him and they get left on the counter in his drink glass. It was really bothering me every day that I was tossing almost perfectly good paper towels in the food scrap bin. So when I saw these on Pinterest I knew I had to make a set of my own! I chose a bright green terry cloth for the insides, and cute apple/pear print for the front and luckily I have a friend with a commercial snap press. We’ve been using these now for about 2 months and LOVE them! There are a few occasions I reach for one but then think twice about whatever nastiness I was going to mop up but so far they have cleaned up beautifully. Added bonus… super cute on the counter.