Fabric Stash

I’ve been feeling like my fabric stash needed some serious organization. Scraps of fabric from various projects were tossed into baskets, boxes and bags tucked into all corners of my craft closet. I had fat quarters I’d forgotten about purchased simply because I loved the pattern not because I had a plan in mind. So I rounded up all the fabric in my closet and made a giant pile on my bed. Now I’ve tried a few ways to organize in the past. Including hanging my fabric on skirt hangers by color. But I haven’t found a system that works for me that I can commit to keeping in place. (Maybe that is a much bigger challenge than finding the RIGHT system.) What I decided to do was sort by color and type of fabric and then fold them neatly into left over peach boxes from this summer. With the ends of my fabric sticking up I can now easily see what I have and find what I am looking for. Frankly I was shocked by how much cotton I have. Seeing patterns I’d forgotten about, or favorite scrap left over from a previous project got me thinking tonight. I’m itching to get into my craft closet and start sewing. Might start another quilt there are some super cute ones on Pinterest or a few small scrap buster projects like those found at Tipnut.com http://tipnut.com/scrap-happy-fabric-scrap-ideas-free-patterns/I may even get organized for some holiday gifts!