Giving Tree

For the last three years my son and I have chosen at least one child off the giving tree at our local hardware store just a few blocks from our house. This year is no exception. We chose a little boy and a little girl. This is by far one of his favorite holiday traditions, and today as we went out to do our shopping I thought YES this is what the holidays are all about. He really took his job seriously when deciding what items to get the two children. The requests were for a new pair of PJ’s and a Spiderman toy. We are totally spoiling our two  children  because they are getting more than that. For the girl: Jammies, Diary of a Wimpy Kid book, art kit, nail polish and jewel kit and some lip gloss. For the boy: Spiderman water golve, Spiderman puzzle, Spiderman hat, and spiderman bubble bath with expanding wash cloth. Our son took so much pride in choosing the items to give and tomorrow we will wrap, label and deliver them back to the giving tree at the hardware store.

As we were driving home from the store tonight he asked me, “Mom, how excited do you think our kids will be when they open their gifts on Christmas?”

“Super excited buddy.”