Private School vs Public

I’ve been quite lately simply because we are in way over our heads in work load. Anniversary of our daughters death, private school tours and applications, not to mention financial aide apps, holidays, our basement remodel, three new tenants just in the last two weeks….. the list goes on and on and on….finally I see a pinhole sized dot of light at what I think might be the end of the tunnel.

While all of that has been a huge time sucker the really stressful one is schools for our son for next year. He will head into K and as a teacher you can imagine I have some strong opinions. As a former K teacher I have really strong opinions. We are struggling mostly with the private vs public. It’s a hard choice simply because it’s a lot of money for private schools especially when you look at it as a 13 year commitment, but there is a big difference in class sizes, specialists, teachers…. the list goes on and on and on. We like all parents want the best for our son. The tours and applications are worse than going to college! Some days I want to scream it is only Kindergarten!!!!!! IQ testing, 13 essay questions, play dates, parent interviews are you NUTS? Yet I look at our public school with 30 kindergarten students in a class, PE once a week and I think NO WAY!

Yet even if you pay 24K a year there isn’t a perfect school and you have to make compromises. What I want more than anything else for our son? Joy of learning, a chance for him to be a child and enjoy all the wonderful aspects of childhood and play, and above all love school. I love it so much I made my career choice one that I would never have to leave. I want him to walk that fine line with being engaged and challenged without being pushed out of childhood joys because he can perform at a higher level than his same aged classmates. (I see it so often with reading… a child can read at a 3rd grade level in 1st grade so lets move him out of picture books and into chapter books and they miss out on the joy of easy fiction.) We are walking a modified home school version currently perhaps we will continue.