Simple Gifts

I have two friends who had twin girls a week apart. One set of twins turns one tomorrow. A new baby in any family can be tough but twins is a whole different ball of wax. I am so super proud of what a great job both these moms have  done in the last year, especially the mom for the twins turning one tomorrow. That set can be quite demanding and she has done beautifully despite the tough hand she was dealt. We are getting together for a play date for our older kids (her oldest is 5 just like our son) tomorrow and I wanted to take her a treat because really the first birthday is for mom and dad to say, “yeah we survived!” So tomorrow I’m taking her a half bottle of wine from my sister-in-law’s company, Half Wit Wines and I made two sets of beaded bobby pins for her (pictures to come, it’s too dark to photograph now) but I snagged the idea and example picture off pinterest (where else!) Here is the tutorial if you want to make your own. It was super easy and quite relaxing. I used black bobby pins and black wire because it is what I had on hand and unlike the directions I didn’t wrap between every bead but more like ever 2-3 beads. I used smaller beads which helped, I can imagine if you were using large beads you would need to wrap between every bead. 103019910195603641_pf6Vgqu0_c