House hold binder

I’ve seen quite a few posts on pinterest linking to house hold binders. They all vary a little but essentially it’s simply a place where you keep all the stuff your family needs on a regular basis organized. I had a little extra time this afternoon and was feeling inspired after having cleaned out our filing cabinets… I couldn’t fully believe how much I tossed out including electrical statements from 1997! Guess we were a little overdue for file clean up.

Anyhow….. I started working on a binder that will work for our family. I started with a calendar at the front followed by a tab for weekly menu’s (I made up 7 to rotate through) shopping lists and recipes. I also included a tab for budget tracking. That was as far as I got before my guys arrived home from a day of skiing and it was time to turn my attention to dinner. I’m happy where I ended because I think it is enough to get started but with room to grow with what I find we need. Many of the binders have an important phone numbers list which I may add, but in some ways since they are all programmed into my phone it may be moot.

What would you add to your binder?