What’s inside your Easter Eggs?

My son is not a big candy fan. If I hadn’t given birth to him I’d think he wasn’t mine because I am SO a candy and treats person. Probably why loosing the baby weight is always hard, too many treats. Now that’s not to say that he doesn’t sometimes like a treat. He likes ice-cream really well, but usually his first choice is a box of raspberries.  He’s turned down cookies before and as I was pulling out the easter eggs from last year to fill I found that the M and M’s were still in 2/3 of the eggs!

In the past I’ve filled our eggs with stickers, gold fish crackerstemporary tattoos, mini erasers etc. One year they were filled with clues to find his hidden Easter Basket. But this year I came up with an even better idea. LEGOS. Our son loves to build with legos. So I bought a small set which you assemble into a car. I think there are about 50 pieces- it came in a bag rather than a box. I photo copied the directions then cut them apart step by step and filled the eggs with the direction slips and legos. I know he is going to just love finding all the eggs in order to put together his new lego car!

He will also be super excited to see that the Easter bunny has left him a copy of Frozen. He went and saw it with his Grandma in the movie theater. I have yet to see it and have been tempted to open it up and watch it to see what all the hype is about. I won’t have to wait much longer.

The easter bunny will also be leaving a cool pair of socks and a rubber ducky for baby sister. I know that she doesn’t care one hoot but our son would likely notice that she was forgotten so she needs a small treat too. DSC_4829