Mother’s Day and Bobby Pins

Happy Early Mother’s Day to all those Mommas out there no matter how big or little your kid(s) are. I saw a blog post I think linked through Facebook or maybe Pinterest, about a great idea for mom for mother’s day. I think the title was something like, “No More Cards”- Instead of writing a card each year to your mom purchase a beautiful notebook and each year add an entry, drawing and picture. Tell your mom why you love her. I personally would love this. Hint, hint hubby. How fun it would be to see your child’s handwriting and spelling change and all the heartfelt messages in one place. I totally can’t take any credit for the idea but I hope I do inspire you to get a notebook for your mom and start this cool tradition.

And in other news I just figured out today that bobby pins go upside down in your hair. I have been doing it wrong my whole life! Did you know that the flat side is supposed to be up and the bumpy side down? I always thought it was reversed and always wondered how other people got them to stay in their hair when mine always slip out. Go on try it, it totally works!