Craft Hope- We are Kenya

So excited. A little over a week ago my Facebook feed showed a post from craft hope announcing their latest project. We are Kenya. Take a minute to check it out over at you won’t be sorry! Then get out your sewing machines, knitting needles or crochet hooks and start at it. I have already looked through my fabric stash to see what I have and what I need to get to make some reusable pads, or you know 50!


Here is the original post from Craft Hope but go over to their site and see the beautiful pictures and smiling faces of so many kiddos

They need 25 homemade twin size quilts. (Update 9/29/14: We have met our goal of people signed up for quilt donations. Thank you!!) These children are orphans or were living in vulnerable situations. They recently opened a new dorm for these girls and boys. It would be wonderful if they could snuggle to sleep under their own special twin sized quilts.

You guys, I want to send them BEAUTIFUL handmade quilts. I know we have some incredibly talented quilters in our midst. I would love to be able to deliver the most perfect, full of love quilts that we can to We Are Kenya. If you are interested in making a quilt, I ask that you please email me to let me know. They don’t need 2,000 quilts so I’m going to limit it to the first 25 people who email me offering to make a quilt. I know the effort that goes into quilt making and I pray we get 25 beautiful quilts for them. Please email me at if you would like to make a quilt for the children who live at the Provision Education Center.

They need handmade stuffed animals. You guys are the best softie makers ever. I have seen some of the CUTEST stuffed animals come our way. They will take as many as you can make so let us overwhelm them with our love.

They need handmade knitted/crochet hats, gloves, and scarves. Approximately 200 to be exact for kids ages 4-15. Winters get cold at night and we need to keep these sweet kids bundled up. Sewn hats and scarves are also welcome.

Finally, they need homemade reusable sanitary napkins. These would allow girls to continue their education. Many girls are forced to stop their education because their families cannot afford sanitary napkins once they start their monthly. This is so heartbreaking. These are made with flannel and terry cloth. There are many tutorials online.

Karen, from We Are Kenya, and her family have graciously offered to collect and coordinate delivery of all of the items. Thank you Karen! Thank you for contacting me and giving us this opportunity to help you guys. We whole-heartedly accept and hope to fill your suitcases full of handmade love.

Friends, the deadline for this project will be November 15, 2014. Please try to have all of your handmade items to them by this date.

Here is the mailing address for your donations:

We Are Kenya
10914 Hillcrest Drive
Laurel, MD 20723