Spy Birthday Party

I love putting on kids birthday parties. I love planning for, decorating, making cakes and actually executing the party. I have even contemplated going into the business of putting on kids birthday parties but that is a whole other post.

Last year our son wanted to have a spy birthday party and let me just say I blew it out of the water! Yes I’m tooting my own horn, but heck sometimes you just have to!

I mined Pinterest for ideas and inspiration then started laying out the activities we would do, party bag goodies, a scavenger hunt etc.

Essentially the kids were coming to our house for spy training. They were going to create spy names for their badges and complete 4 spy trainings. Upon completion they would return for cake and ice-cream only to discover that the cake had been stolen. Then working as a team and using the skills they had just learned (code breaking, agility training etc) they would need to follow clues to find the cake.

DSC_0792 DSC_0793 DSC_0844 DSC_0855

A year later some of the kids are still talking about it and one little friend who came still asks if it really was nijas who stole the cake!

Time Activity Needs

Dinning room table

Badge Making

–       finger printing

–       picking code name

–       extra activities on left side of top secret folder as needed



-laminator pockets

-necklace strings

-name jars (2)

-ink pad

-baby wipes


-agent folders




-someone to run laminator, cut and assemble badges


back yard


–       obstacle course


dinning room table

Code Breaking

-codes sheets in agent folders right side


Front yard

Laser Maze Silly string

Back yard

Memory paths -memory paths

-path sheets

-2 adult helpers to help with path


all over

Case of the Missing Cake!

Scavenger hunt


dinning room table

Cake and pickup

Here are the notes for the scavenger hunt!

Note in Fridge

Three nasty ninjas have stolen the cake,

That M’s mom took time to bake.

You must work together to find the clues

The first one is hiding in someone’s shoes.

At the shoes

Now use your brain to break my code

Then line them up like a long, long road!


Walk down the street and go take a look

You’ll find the next clue when you borrow a book.

At the little free library

Return to the yard

It’s really not hard

To find the next clue you don’t have to frown

Look under something that is brown

It covers something metal

That has two wheels and petals

At the bikes

You are getting close to finding the cake

That M’s mom took time to bake.

Go to the laser maze and make your way through

Pluck out a flag covered with a clue.

At the laser maze

The grass is getting so very long

To cut it we need blades that are strong!

At the lawn mower

Black and red, Red and black

Your final clues are in a sack

You’d find it fast if you were a bee

It’s hiding up high in a bright green __________.

At the balloon bag

Dump these out and go pop, pop, pop!

Look high look low look all around

The cake is hiding and must be found!

You might think hiding the cake was very mean

But I put it where dishes go to get clean!


 Each kiddo had a file folder with their names on them with a welcome letter  and activities to complete including some morse code breaking, coloring pages, spot the difference etc. 

At the end of the party everyone went home with their goody bag including a notebook, pencil, magnifying glass, disguise glasses with the fake nose and mustache, Explosive pop rocks etc.