Quilts- Craft Hope-Phoenix Quilts

I posted a little while ago about Craft Hope which I had found at the library. I joined their facebook page and am excited about their current project. Quilts. Project 18 is to provide quilts to the hundreds of families who have lost their homes to wildfires this summer. You can read more about the project at http://phoenixquilts.blogspot.com/

I have made a couple quilts in my time. Nothing too fabulous, I am not an expert sewer by any stretch of the imagination but I can sew straight lines and I am not afraid to take on projects that are above my sewing skills. A couple years ago I started cutting out quilt pieces and was all set to make a BIG quilt. Well one thing led to another, all the pieces were cut and about half way sewn when I got busy with something else and there it sits in my craft room. When I heard about project 18 I decided to pull those pieces out and get back to work on it. (I also got a brand new upgraded sewing machine for my birthday!)

I’ve been plugging away at it and am sure I am going to make the 9/15 deadline. I will certainly have the front done and likely be able to back the quilt, not sure how to nicely finish the edges so I might send it off with the edges unfinished and let the team in Utah do that part.


Here is what Craft Hope on FB has to say:

Our website is still being rebuilt, but that doesn’t prevent us from spreading hope. Craft Hope will keep on ticking and we will keep on changing lives.

Craft Hope was founded in 2009 with the idea that one person can make a difference. Through seventeen projects and witnessing countless individuals around the globe start their own crafting for charity organizations we have proven this point to be true.

For Project 18 we are going to make QUILTS for wildfire victims this summer in the Western United States. Phoenix Quilts was brought to my attention through the Craft Hope community. It was started by one person wanting to make a difference in her community. One person who wanted to spread hope to her friends who had lost their homes. One person whose dreams grew and wanted to help many more people who lost their homes. And that’s where we come in.

The Craft Hope community is a powerful force that knows how to spread the word fast and meet a need. So we are going to help her reach her goal of distributing quilts to every family who has lost a home to wildfire. Her goal is to collect 849 quilts. I know we can help her reach her goal.

You can read more about Phoenix Quilts here: http://phoenixquilts.blogspot.com/

They will accept quilts of all sizes. And if you can’t quilt they will accept quilt tops, quilt blocks, fabric, and thread.

The deadline for Project 18 will be September 15. Let’s do what we can and make quilts for the wildfire victims!

Please mail completed quilts to:

Julie Anderson

P.O. Box 453

150 West 300

North Fairview, Utah 84629


Please share this event with others! Spread the word, spread hope!!

** This just in… For Project 18 :: Quilts for Hope, we will accept ANY kind of blanket. It can be a knit, crochet, quilted, or any type of handmade blanket!

Thanks for all you do!