State Fair

Day two of a week in a life took us to our state fair. I love fairs. I loved going as a little girl just as much as I enjoy going now. The state fair always falls near my birthday 9/2. As a little girl I always asked to go to the fair on my birthday. I loved going through the horse barns. I was totally horse crazy and rode as a child. I loved the treats- elephant ears, corn on the cobb, chicken on a stick, and fresh lemonaide. And of course the thrill of the rides. My favorite were the roller coasters. Still are. I’m not much for rides that spin I get too sick but I enjoy the rush of going fast. I think my son may be in the same camp!

Today was the perfect day to go, cool in the morning and we got there early so it was quite empty for the first 3 hours we were there! We saw animals, played with the old fashioned toys and ride on tractors. Ate our lunch while we watched the English Arab horses compete and finished off our day with a few rides.

My son loved the hand cranks for grinding wheat, the ride on tractors and the rides. His favorites were the roller coasters and the bouncy maze houses where you climb, jump, fall into ball pits etc.