Lending Library

Whew! Last night I stayed up and just about finished my quilt for Craft Hope. I need to run to the fabric store to match some thread to finish the edge binding and hand tie it and then it’s done! So super excited.

Today we headed out for a bike ride to the park and to drop off a book at the lending library one of our neighbors has set up.

My son and I found it quite by accident about 6 months ago. We were out on a bike ride and came home for no real reason a different route and stumbled upon this cool little lending library. It is dedicated in loving memory to a gentleman from his family. Its is incredibly well built and from what I can tell over the last 6 months well used and loved. Today’s selection of books had some great titles in it both for adults and children. Our son chose Island of the Blue Dolphins to read as his night time chapter book with his Dad. There is a main section for books and a separate spot on the side with a notebook and pencil to leave notes. This is a very thoughtful way to honor someones memory. 

The family has also done a beautiful job landscaping their parking strip around the lending library and included some fun yard art.